UMSL Visit

Hey everybody!

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend a workshop at the University of Missouri St. Louis College of Optometry. It was so cool! They took us on a tour of the school, showed us the labs, and even talked to us about OptomCAS and financial aid. I didn’t expect to like the school as much as I did. I think what really made the difference for me was meeting the people there. They were all so nice and so passionate about optometry! We were able to speak to a panel of teachers there and they were all so funny and intelligent. It was a really warm, supportive atmosphere. I wasn’t really expecting to see that at a professional school.

St. Louis was also really cool! I was only there for two days, and my boyfriend came with me. We were able to do so much in such a short amount of time. After the workshop we went to dinner On The Hill, which is basically a tiny Italian neighborhood with a bunch of amazing food! After that we went and explored Forest Park for a while, which is just a huge park that is really beautiful.

The next day we went to the St. Louis Zoo, which is so cool and, bonus, it’s free! After that we were feeling adventurous so we went to Six Flags St. Louis and had a blast! We were exhausted after that day. We walked over 10 miles and didn’t even realize it because we were having so much fun!

It was such a great experience! UMSL wasn’t my first choice, but after our visit I think it won over the top spot. I still plan on visiting at least one other school, but it will have to be pretty incredible if it’s going to beat out UMSL. If you are trying to decide where to apply to, I highly recommend checking it out. They have workshops all throughout the year that are free to attend. Just check out their website ( or shoot them an email. They are always quick to respond and help out. Good luck on your search for the perfect school everyone!



One thought on “UMSL Visit

  1. It’s so exciting to venture forward in ones studies, I continue praying for you to make the best decision for you. I’m awfully proud of you miss Jessica, you’ve been delivered out to the Goodness of Gog, and I’m so excited to look see what He will do for you. Lots of love. X

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